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Core Process Psychotherapy

What is Core Process Psychotherapy?

Core Process Psychotherapy is a mindfulness based therapy that combines the wisdom of Buddhist and Western psychology. 

Buddhist psychology offers insight into how and and why we suffer and how we might reduce suffering.

Core Process Psychotherapy integrates this ancient Buddhist wisdom into a human-centred therapeutic practice.  The therapist and client share a joint enquiry into what might be obstructing the innate wisdom that we all share.

What does a session look like?

Sessions last one hour and we meet on a weekly basis.

Image of opening lotus flower

The therapeutic process is shared in an environment of safe, attentive and respectful listening. Here we can start paying attention to the patterns of thought, stories and imprints that exist below our everyday awareness. 

Through a shared therapeutic enquiry we experience how these qualities keep us trapped and limit our possibilities. 

The conditioning from early life and from traumatic adult experiences lives in us in our everyday lives.

We may experience this through a range of symptoms such as: anxiety, depression, relationship issues, trauma, life-changes, lack of meaning, low-self esteem, grief and feelings of intense loneliness.  All of you is welcome in the therapeutic space. 

The sessions are an opportunity for you to be seen, heard and deeply supported.

Mindful awareness can gently build the capacity to allow kind attention into the areas of our being that we might habitually turn away from or even treat unkindly. 

We share a journey of changing the relationship to early life conditioning within our present, moment-to-moment, experience.

The inherent health that exists at the core of our being can then be reclaimed and qualities like joy, ease and freedom become more available to us.


The material shared in therapeutic sessions is done so in the strictest confidence. More details of the ethical code by which Core Process Psychotherapists work can be found here: Karuna ethical code

The first and follow-up sessions

The initial meeting is offered free of charge.   This allows you to meet with me and find out if Core Process Psychotherapy is the right therapy for you.

After the initial meeting I offer six sessions followed by a review.  

Depending on what you are bringing and how you wish to work we may then continue with the process and review after a 6 month period.

All my work is supported through regular supervision with an accredited and experienced supervisor.

Contact me

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If you would like to see if I am the right therapist for you, please contact me for more information and a free initial session.